? PLANET ZOO! | New Zoo Tycoon Game!

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Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments, the creators of Planet Coaster is a Zoo Tycoon style game coming Fall 2019. Support The Channel: ...

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Im Jahr 1989 warnte Bill McKibben mit seinem Buch ?Das Ende der Natur? als einer der ersten vor dem Klimawandel. Sein neuer Aufruf ist umso dringender und weitreichender - die Menschheit ist dabei, nicht weniger als ihr Fortbestehen aufs Spiel zu setzen. Der Klimawandel ist heute, so McKibben, ein Hebel, der unsere Welt von Grund auf ver?ndert. Die konzentrierte wir...[Read More]

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AVENGERS ENDGAME *LTM* Game Mode *NEW* In Fortnite Battle Royale

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Today in Fortnite Battle Royale update they added the NEW Endgame LTM Game Mode where you can play as the Avengers! ? SUBSCRIBE ...

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The Solitary Bees , Bryan N. Danforth, Robert L. Minckley, John L. Neff & Frances Fawcett

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Environment,Ecology,Nature,Biology > Zombie Attack | Published on 01/May/2019 05:28

The most up-to-date and authoritative resource on the biology and evolution of solitary bees

While social bees such as honey bees and bumble bees are familiar to most people, they comprise less than 10 percent of all bee species in the world. The vast majority of bees lead solitary lives, surviving without the help of a hive and using their own res...[Read More]

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Marine Ecology , Ocean First Education

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Experience a world where valleys are deeper than the Grand Canyon and the highest mountain is a mile taller than Mount Everest!

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Virtual Law Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds

Published in: Google Books > Law > Online Games | Published on 01/May/2019 05:03

461 pages , American Bar Association , 2008
Introduces readers to virtual law. This work examines cases and legislation impacting virtual world providers and users, and makes predictions about the future application of the law. It also includes appendices listing in-world and web-based resources for practitioners and legal scholars.

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Adolescent Online Social Communication and Behavior: Relationship Formation on the Internet Relationship Formation on the Internet

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Online Games | Published on 01/May/2019 04:30

300 pages , IGI Global , 2009-11-30
"This edited volume addresses the pressing need to establish a unified theoretical framework for adolescent online social communication research, specifically, identify the role and function of the Internet in adolescent social communication behavior, dynamic relationships among such things as adolescent social-psychological needs, per...[Read More]

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Bringing Nature Home , Douglas W. Tallamy

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Lifestyle & Home,Gardening,Nature > Zombie Attack | Published on 01/May/2019 04:14

"A fascinating study of the trees, shrubs, and vines that feed the insects, birds, and other animals in the suburban garden." --The New York Times
As development and habitat destruction accelerate, there are increasing pressures on wildlife populations. In Bringing Nature Home, Douglas W. Tallamy reveals the unbreakable l...[Read More]

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Global Warming and the Political Ecology of Health , Hans Baer & Merrill Singer

Published in: itune > Social Science,Books,Nonfiction > Zombie Attack | Published on 01/May/2019 04:02

In this groundbreaking, global analysis of the relationship between climate change and human health, Hans Baer and Merrill Singer inventory and critically analyze the diversity of significant and sometimes devastating health implications of global warming. Using a range of theoretical tools from anthropology, medicine, and environmental sciences, they present ecosyn...[Read More]

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Staying Alive , Vandana Shiva

Published in: itune > Public Administration,Books,Politics & Current Events,Nonfiction,Social Science > Zombie Attack | Published on 01/May/2019 04:00

Inspired by women's struggles for the protection of nature as a condition for human survival, award-winning environmentalist Vandana Shiva shows how ecological destruction and the marginalization of women are not inevitable, economically or scientifically. She argues that "maldevelopment"--the violation of the integrity of organic, interconnected, and interdependent...[Read More]

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 New Upcoming RPGs for PS4 in 2019. Will you be playing any of these later this year? Do you have any interest in ...

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An Introduction to: Biology, Ecology, and Energy Flow , Eric Hill

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature > Zombie Attack | Published on 01/May/2019 03:42

An introduction to biology and ecological concepts through an interactive textbook. Directed towards high school freshman who are identified as mid-level readers.

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