Critical Hit! (When Idiots Play Games #149)

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La vida secreta de los ?rboles , Peter Wohlleben

Published in: itune > Nature,Books,Science & Nature,Ecology > Fun Games | Published on 30/Jun/2020 03:17

En los bosques suceden cosas sorprendentes: ?rboles que se comunican entre s?, ?rboles que aman y cuidan a sus hijos y a sus viejos y enfermos vecinos; ?rboles sensibles, con emociones, con recuerdos... ?Incre?ble, pero cierto! Peter Wohlleben, guarda forestal y amante de la naturaleza, nos narra en este libro fascinantes historias sobre las insospechadas y extrao...[Read More]

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Go Faster Food Over 100 energy-boosting recipes for runners, cyclists, swimmers and rowers

Published in: Google Books > Health & Fitness > Girl Games | Published on 18/May/2020 17:54

288 pages , Random House , 2009-09-15
Are you a runner, cyclist, swimmer or rower? Do you want to up your game and ensure you're getting the very best from your diet? To help with her own training, Kate Percy - a keen marathon runner and cook - has developed a range of delicious, carbohydrate-rich recipes that will complement any training programme, whether you're traini...[Read More]

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Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > New Games | Published on 27/Apr/2020 01:36

440 pages , Bond Street Books , 2019-02-05
The epic new novel from Marlon James, the Man Booker Prize-winning author of A Brief History of Seven Killings: an African Game of Thrones. In the first novel in Marlon James' Dark Star trilogy, African myth, fantasy and history come together in the story of a band of mercenaries hired to find a missing child. Tracker is known f...[Read More]

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Governo está ENGANANDO VOCÊ sobre GAMES

Published in: youtube > CENTRAL > Games | Published on 20/Apr/2020 01:11

Entenda como as organizações de classificação indicativa e o governo, estão enganando você sobre games... Fonte: Gameplay de ...

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Francois Truffaut

Published in: Google Books > Performing Arts > Shooting Games | Published on 01/Jul/2019 15:47

225 pages , Manchester University Press , 1998-10-15
Truffaut shot to fame in 1959 with his first film Les 400 Coups, a semi-autobiographical narrative shot in the low-budget neo-realist style of the emerging Nouvelle Vague. He went on to make twenty-three films in twenty-six years, films which have entertained, provoked debate and caused controversy. This fresh appraisa...[Read More]

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Mixed Effects Models and Extensions in Ecology with R , Alain Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, Neil Walker, Anatoly A. Saveliev & Graham M. Smith

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Life Sciences,Professional & Technical,Medical > Zombie Attack | Published on 29/Apr/2019 21:15

Building on the successful Analysing Ecological Data (2007) by Zuur, Ieno and Smith, the authors now provide an expanded introduction to using regression and its extensions in analysing ecological data. As with the earlier book, real data sets from postgraduate ecological studies or research projects are used throughout. The first part of the book is a largely non-m...[Read More]

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Top 10 offline LAN Games for Android

Published in: youtube > Mag X Games > Multiplayer Games | Published on 25/Mar/2019 21:22

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The Ecology of Democracy , David Mathews

Published in: itune > Politics & Current Events,Books > Strategy Games | Published on 04/Mar/2019 16:27

The Ecology of Democracy: Finding Ways to Have a Stronger Hand in Shaping Our Future is for people who care deeply about their communities and their country but worry about problems that endanger their future and that of their children. Jobs are disappearing, or the jobs people want aren't available. Health care costs keep going up, and the system seems harder to na...[Read More]

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