Do-It-Yourself Multiplayer Java Games An Introduction to Java Sockets and Internet-Based Games

Published in: Google Books > > Multiplayer Games | Published on 06/Jul/2020 16:59

802 pages , Createspace Independent Publishing Platform , 2018-08-12
Do-It-Yourself Multiplayer Java Games: An Introduction to Java Sockets and Internet-Based Games is the fourth book of the Do-It-Yourself Java Games series. The previous books introduced games you could play by yourself or against the computer. This book will teach you to use Java sockets and TCP/IP to c...[Read More]

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How To Make An FPS - Unity Tutorials - Part 001 - First Person Shooter

Published in: youtube > Jimmy Vegas > Shooting Games | Published on 30/Mar/2020 14:11

Making a game in Unity is easy. With this unity tutorial series you can make your own FPS in Unity. Making a shooter in Unity is easy for beginners. Each unity ...

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Interdisciplinary Models and Tools for Serious Games: Emerging Concepts and Future Directions Emerging Concepts and Future Directions

Published in: Google Books > Education > Educational Games | Published on 02/Mar/2020 14:23

430 pages , IGI Global , 2010-03-31
"This book discusses the need for interdisciplinary awareness in the study of games and learning"--Provided by publisher.

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Enchanted Secrets

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > Zombie Games | Published on 20/Jan/2020 09:39

296 pages , Createspace Independent Publishing Platform , 2012-07-17
***From the author of the Zombie Games and Night Roamers series*** A modern day tale of romance, mystery, and witchcraft. When Eighteen-year-old Kendra meets the new guy in school, Tyler, she can't help but be drawn to his irresistible charms. Tyler, however, isn't your average teenaged boy, and drags K...[Read More]

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Top 20 Most Popular Android Games (2012-2019)

Published in: youtube > RankingMan > Play Games | Published on 16/Dec/2019 17:20

android games become more and more popular over the years. In today's video you will see the ranking of the most popular (played) android games by ...

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Fun Inc.: Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century

Published in: Google Books > Games > Online Games | Published on 24/Jun/2019 19:42

Pegasus Books , 2010-11-15
A timely and informed assessment of the rapidly growing gaming industry that is altering the world around us. Despite the recession, video games continue to break records—and command unprecedented amounts of media coverage. The U.S. is the world’s biggest video games market and manufacturer, with a market now worth over $20 billion annually in soft...[Read More]

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Introduction to the study of Aquatic Ecology , Patrick Wells

Published in: itune > Education,Books,Professional & Technical,Science & Nature > Strategy Games | Published on 05/Mar/2019 13:05

This book is a resource for the study of Aquatic Ecology at Holy Spirit High School.

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Action games

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > Action Games | Published on 04/Feb/2019 20:20

56 pages , 1999-10-01

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Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine Beginner's Guide

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Action Games | Published on 04/Feb/2019 09:04

336 pages , Packt Publishing Ltd , 2011-02-09
Create your own computer game with this 3D rendering and game development framework.

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