Stephen A. reacts to NBA postponing Wednesday’s playoff games | The Jump

Published in: youtube > ESPN > Games | Published on 31/Aug/2020 04:11

Stephen A. Smith joins Rachel Nichols on The Jump to react to the NBA's decision to postpone Wednesday's slate of playoff games after the Milwaukee Bucks ...

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Above Average at Games The Very Best of P.G. Wodehouse on Sport

Published in: Google Books > Sports & Recreation > Best Games | Published on 04/May/2020 07:59

416 pages , Random House , 2019-10-31
As Wodehouse’s biographer Frances Donaldson observed, it was vitally important to the boy Plum that he was ‘above average at games’. Luckily, he was known at school as ‘a noted athlete, a fine footballer and cricketer [and] a boxer’, and sport inspired much of his earliest writings, as well as some of his very finest and la...[Read More]

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Learning HTML5 Game Programming A Hands-on Guide to Building Online Games Using Canvas, SVG, and WebGL

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Online Games | Published on 22/Apr/2019 18:05

256 pages , Addison-Wesley , 2011-09-27
Get Started Fast with HTML5 Online Game Programming! HTML5 will transform web and mobile gaming. As new browsers rapidly adopt it, HTML5 will do everything “legacy” technologies such as Flash and Silverlight have done—and much more. In Learning HTML5 Game Programming, pioneering developer James L. Williams gives you all the k...[Read More]

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