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This content has no connotation of educational content, is not suitable for preschool age, has no educational purpose, is not a children's toy, does not show ...

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Simon Says Musical Brain Break Game for Kids!

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Simon Says touch your toes! This Simon Says brain break song is a great game for preschoolers and toddlers. Children will love the animations and the ...

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Playstation Nation Protect Your Child from Video Game Addiction

Published in: Google Books > Family & Relationships > Racing Games | Published on 22/Mar/2021 13:23

192 pages , Center Street , 2009-05-30
When Olivia Bruner saw video games overtaking her young sons' lives, she decided to learn the facts behind addiction. What she found was shocking: that most games are designed to be highly addictive-triggering physiological reactions in the brain similar to those associated with substance abuse-and that one out of five kids becomes ...[Read More]

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Dinosaur Puzzle game | ?? ?????? ?? 29M | What dinosaurs? | dinosaur name | ???? | ??????? + 23??

Published in: youtube > ??TV > Puzzle Games | Published on 14/Mar/2021 21:03

#?? #dinosaurs #???? #?????? #????????? #?????? #?????? #????? Copyright © 2019.DingdongTV All Rights ...

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WANT TO LAUGH?! Kyle, Gage and Luke play the Mystery Kids Candy Dispenser Roulette Game! It's so funny when they start to rotate the ...

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Video Games and Well-being Press Start

Published in: Google Books > Psychology > Multiplayer Games | Published on 20/Jul/2020 12:57

166 pages , Springer Nature , 2019-12-02
This book examines how video game mechanics and narratives can teach players skills associated with increased psychological well-being. It integrates research from psychology, education, ludology, media studies, and communication science to demonstrate how game play can teach skills that have long been associated with increased ha...[Read More]

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Top 25 Best Beautiful Puzzle Games For iOS /Android 2017

Published in: youtube > YouView > Puzzle Games | Published on 23/Mar/2020 21:49

Want some action in your mobile games than this are puzzle games that will excite you to play. This have great graphics and they look stunning and beautiful ...

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iPhone and Android Games That'll Actually Engage Your Brain

Published in: youtube > Lifehacker > Puzzle Games | Published on 23/Mar/2020 04:21

Stop wasting time on mobile games where you tap on your screen over and over like a mindless zombie. Here are a few of our favorites for iPhone and Android ...

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101 Cool Pool Games for Children Fun and Fitness for Swimmers of All Levels

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > Racing Games | Published on 10/Feb/2020 17:23

112 pages , Hunter House , 2006
Provides ideas for water activities that involve running, jumping, balancing, catching, swimming, and diving.

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Seven Going on Seventeen Tween Studies in the Culture of Girlhood

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > Girl Games | Published on 25/Nov/2019 14:39

359 pages , Peter Lang , 2005
The tween is the -new girl on the block- in girlhood studies. Although the study of tween life may have derived from a particular marketing orientation at the end of the twentieth century, it is not limited by it. On the contrary, this collection of essays shows that -tween- is not a simple or unified concept, nor is it limited to a certain ...[Read More]

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The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia

Published in: Google Books > Performing Arts > Zombie Attack | Published on 18/Nov/2019 08:37

259 pages , McFarland , 2000-12-01
Zombies are cautionary forms of humankind's most universally cherished ideal--life after death. Often ragged, unkempt, ill-spoken, rotting individuals, zombies (or the post-dead) seem socially awkward in comparison to the more popular and more aristocratic, undead, like Count Dracula and his peers. And so, the humble zombie remains, for...[Read More]

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Mouse Tales and Other Assorted Stories

Published in: Google Books > Pets > Car Games | Published on 22/Oct/2019 00:17

InspiringVoices , 2014-02-12
Once, there was a cat named Mouse. Vicki W. Fowler, DVM, met him when he was half-grown, on the day his owner brought him in to be destroyed because he was a “dirty” cat. Unable to convince the owner to pursue a less-lethal response, Dr. Fowler offered to find the cat a new home. But young Mouse had other plans. He quickly appointed himself the c...[Read More]

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