Spongebob's WEIRD Adventures in Educational Games

Published in: youtube > Vailskibum94 > Educational Games | Published on 17/Feb/2020 09:41

Spongebob Squarepants is a household name, and while everyone knows about most merchandise surrounding the series, there's something in particular ...

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Top 10 Light Gun Video Games

Published in: youtube > WatchMojo.com > Shooting Games | Published on 27/Jan/2020 12:05

Time to hit the arcades or dig out your old Zappers. Join http://www.watchmojo.com as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Light Gun Games. Check us out at ...

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City Girl Pizza Delivery "Casual Games" Android Gameplay Video

Published in: youtube > O Game Channel > Girl Games | Published on 30/Dec/2019 10:56

City Girl Pizza Delivery "Casual Games" Android Gameplay Video Cooking food in the kitchen is a fun job to do, some girls help their mom in cooking whereas ...

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Search Games and Other Applications of Game Theory

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Shooting Games | Published on 12/Aug/2019 04:14

150 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2000-05-06
This book is on applications of game theory. The title of this book is not "Game Theory and its Applications" because it does not construct a general theory for considered games. The book contains a lot of examples of applica tion of game theory together with the background of those games considered and a list of...[Read More]

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The Inspiring Ecology Podcast , Dr Martin Hughes

Published in: itune > Natural Sciences,Natural Sciences,Podcasts,Science & Medicine > Kids Games | Published on 20/May/2019 14:14

2019-07-14T04:07:00Z USA

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Published in: youtube > IJustWantToBeCool > Zombie Attack | Published on 06/May/2019 21:38

Världen har blivit övertagen av Zombies och tre små pojkar är det enda som har överlevt! Kolla in : https://www.youtube.com/user/macsmoser Vill du ser mer ...

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The Games People Play Theology, Religion, and Sport

Published in: Google Books > Religion > Online Games | Published on 30/Apr/2019 18:05

336 pages , Wipf and Stock Publishers , 2014-04-21
In The Games People Play, Robert Ellis constructs a theology around the global cultural phenomenon of modern sport, paying particular attention to its British and American manifestations. Using historical narrative and social analysis to enter the debate on sport as religion, Ellis shows that modern sport may be said to ...[Read More]

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Computer Games and Technical Communication Critical Methods and Applications at the Intersection

Published in: Google Books > Literary Criticism > Online Games | Published on 30/Apr/2019 07:24

336 pages , Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. , 2014-11-28
Taking as its point of departure the fundamental observation that games are both technical and symbolic, this collection investigates the multiple intersections between the study of computer games and the discipline of technical and professional writing. Contributors engage with questions related to workplace communities ...[Read More]

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