Myst and Riven The World of the D'ni

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125 pages , University of Michigan Press , 2011-05-26
DIVThe inaugural title in the Landmark Video Games series/div

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Cyberball (???????, Saib?b?ru) is a video game released in arcades in 1988 by Atari Games. The game is 7-man American football using robotic avatars of different speeds, sizes, and skill sets set in the year 2022. The standard Cyberball cabinet has two monitors, each with two sets of controls for a maximum of four players, but Atari Games released single player and two player versions as well. A k...[Read More]

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Top 12 PC Survival Games - [Build, Craft, Survive, MultiPlayer]

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CHECK OUT THE ALL NEW *UPDATED* TOP LIST VIDEO: What's up guys it's Sweetz back with ...

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Dark Duets

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > Zombie Attack | Published on 26/Aug/2019 12:44

156 pages , Wildside Press LLC , 2005-05-01
This volume assembled a devil's brew of horror, from prolific author Mike McCarty and a wide-ranging crew of collaborators, including Mark McLaughlin, P.D. Cacek, Jeffrey Thomas, Charlee Jacob, Cristopher Hennessey-DeRose, Sandy DeLuca, Teri A. Jacobs, R.L. Fox, Cindy Hulting, and Michael Romkey.

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Online Games, Social Narratives

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208 pages , Routledge , 2014-06-13
The study of online gaming is changing. It is no longer enough to analyse one type of online community in order to understand the plethora of players who take part in online worlds and the behaviours they exhibit. MacCallum-Stewart studies the different ways in which online games create social environments and how players choose to inte...[Read More]

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