Hidden Puzzle Games (Detective Yates and the Lost Book) Detective Yates is Searching for a Very Special Book. Follow the Clues on Each Page and You Will be Guided Around a Map. If You Find the Correct Location of the Book, You Can Choose to Receive a F

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28 pages , 2019-09-05
Detective Yates is searching for a very special book. Follow the clues on each page and you will be guided around a map. If you find the correct location of the book, you can choose to receive a fabulous gift.

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The SAGE Handbook of Digital Technology Research

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512 pages , SAGE , 2013-07-31
Research on and with digital technologies is everywhere today. This timely, authoritative Handbook explores the issues of rapid technological development, social change, and the ubiquity of computing technologies which have become an integrated part of people's everyday lives. This is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for the twenty-first...[Read More]

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How to keep your kids safe from predators lurking on online games

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Here are six tips from an online expert to keep kids safe while they game online.

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