STAY in HOME : Coloring Sketch Book - Stop Bored - Play Games - and Write Your Homework

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101 pages , 2020-04
If you don't have to leave the house, stay in it and start developing your skills in an original and unique sketchbook that has 101 pages for sketching

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Counter Terrorist Army Fps Shooting 2 - Android GamePlay - FPS Shooting Games Android

Published in: youtube > Android-iOS Gameplay4You > Shooting Games | Published on 30/Mar/2020 05:15

Counter Terrorist Army Fps Shooting 2 - Android GamePlay - FPS Shooting Games Android ??????Counter Terrorist Army Fps Shooting 2 is a new android ...

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Toddler Learning Video for Kids Color Matching Game with Surprise Toys!

Published in: youtube > Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids > Educational Games | Published on 17/Feb/2020 13:38

Toddler Learning Video for Kids Color Matching Game with Surprise Toys! In this preschool learning video for toddlers, let's learn colors, common words, and ...

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Top 15 NEW FREE Games of 2019

Published in: youtube > gameranx > Play Games | Published on 16/Dec/2019 22:55

Looking for something to play for free on PC, PS4, or Xbox One? We've got you covered with free games released in 2019. Subscribe for more: ...

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Multiplayer Online Games Origins, Players, and Social Dynamics

Published in: Google Books > Internet games > Multiplayer Games | Published on 20/Aug/2019 06:02

165 pages , A K PETERS , 2018
Multiplayer Online Games (MOGs) have become a new genre of "play culture," integrating communication and entertainment in a playful, computer-mediated environment that evolves through user interaction. This book comprehensively reviews the origins, players, and social dynamics of MOGs, as well as six major empirical research methods used in ...[Read More]

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A Board Game Education

Published in: Google Books > Education > Educational Games | Published on 16/Jul/2019 00:35

188 pages , R&L Education , 2009-07-16
A Board Game Education is an entertaining and valuable resource for parents, teachers, educators, and anyone who appreciates the fun and entertainment provided by classic, traditional board games. The book provides an informative analysis of how classic board games that everyone has played_and probably owns_are not only great family...[Read More]

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Red Wired China’s Internet revolution

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Online Games | Published on 30/Apr/2019 17:09

257 pages , Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd , 2010-01-28
China now contains over 250 million Internet users, the largest in the world, and growing. Fortunes have been made, but more importantly, society and business are being transformed along the unique lines of Chinese Internet development. This will substantially affect the business and political charact...[Read More]

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Subway Surfers Switzerland Zurich 2019 New Game Upade Run And Jump

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Subway Surfers Switzerland Zurich 2019 New Game Upade Run And Jump ?Play Android : ?Play IOS:

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Nature's Economy , Donald Worster

Published in: itune > United States,Books,History,Science & Nature,Ecology > Strategy Games | Published on 05/Mar/2019 05:47

Nature's Economy is a wide-ranging investigation of ecology's past, first published in 1994. It traces the origins of the concept, discusses the thinkers who have shaped it, and shows how it in turn has shaped the modern perception of our place in nature. Our view of the living world is a product of culture, and the development of ecology since the eighteenth centur...[Read More]

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Baby Panda's Earthquake Safety | Super Panda Rescue Team | Kids Safety Tips | Fun Educational Game

Published in: youtube > SuperKIDS > Kids Safe Games | Published on 04/Mar/2019 15:15

Baby Panda's Earthquake Safety | KIDS LEARN ABOUT EARTHQUAKE SAFETY TIPS | Babybus Educational Kids Games Earthquake Safety Tips 2 ...

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