Perceiving Play The Art and Study of Computer Games

Published in: Google Books > Education > Adventure Games | Published on 22/Jun/2020 21:55

174 pages , Peter Lang , 2009
Computer games are increasingly prevalent, and cause both curiosity and concern in the general public, so understanding these games and play is important. Game researchers need to work quickly to document, report, and analyse the effect on our modern society as an increasing amount of people make new and drastically different choices in how ...[Read More]

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The End of the World Zombie Apocalypse RPG

Published in: Google Books > > Zombie Attack | Published on 01/Jun/2020 01:18

Fantasy Flight Games , 2014-12-15
Come face to face with the living dead in Zombie Apocalypse, the first book in The End of the World roleplaying line! This roleplaying game offers you the chance to imagine unique adventures, playing as yourself during the tumult of the apocalypse, relying upon your own skills, wits, and talents to survive. Five scenarios each offer a different ...[Read More]

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Risen Bones, Wandering Spirits

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Kids Safe Games | Published on 15/Mar/2020 23:07

254 pages , Trafford Publishing , 2012-03-19
Commencing with the call to arms and resistance against colonial oppression, this book begins on familiar territory for many. The author then explores ingeniously the path of the struggle for freedom and the entrenched power brokers sustaining the colonial structure. Mabhonzo, a prophetic guerilla leader predicts what would ha...[Read More]

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Japanese Culture Through Videogames

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > Strategy Games | Published on 14/Oct/2019 01:07

294 pages , Routledge , 2019-05-28
Examining a wide range of Japanese videogames, including arcade fighting games, PC-based strategy games and console JRPGs, this book assesses their cultural significance and shows how gameplay and context can be analyzed together to understand videogames as a dynamic mode of artistic expression. Well-known titles such as Final Fantasy, ...[Read More]

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Starhawk (1979 video game)

Published in: wikipedia > english > Starhawk (1979 video game) | Published on 13/May/2019 13:52

Starhawk is a 1979 vector arcade game designed and programmed by Tim Skelly and manufactured by Cinematronics. Starhawk is a shoot 'em up unofficially based on the Star Wars: Episode IV trench run, the first arcade game to blatantly use concepts from Star Wars. The game was unique at the time for its pseudo-3D graphics. It was released for the Vectrex home system in 1982. The arcade cabinet had ...[Read More]

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Top 30 Best Local Multiplayer PC Games (My ranking) / Splitscreen / Same PC / LOCAL CO OP

Published in: youtube > Local Gaming Channel > Multiplayer Games | Published on 26/Mar/2019 01:15

New Top videos 2019 is here: If you want to support our ...

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