Published in: Google Books > Foreign Language Study > Educational Games | Published on 02/Mar/2020 14:33

256 pages , American Academic Press , 2014-06-12
Starting from studies on language attrition, this book goes deeper into the area of educational technologies. Considering that language attrition might be a reverse process of language acquisition, proper use of educational technologies could promote language acquisition but slow down or diminish language attrition. This b...[Read More]

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The New Ecology , Oswald J. Schmitz

Published in: itune > Ecology,Books,Science & Nature,Nature,Life Sciences,Environment > Kids Safe Games | Published on 19/Nov/2019 06:26

How the science of ecology is changing to meet the daunting challenges of environmental sustainability

Our species has transitioned from being one among millions on Earth to the species that is single-handedly transforming the entire planet to suit its own needs. In order to meet the daunting challenges of environmental sustainability in this epoch...[Read More]

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Bolt Action: Korea

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > Zombie Games | Published on 07/Oct/2019 23:43

144 pages , Bloomsbury Publishing , 2019-08-22
Beginning in 1950, the Korean War was a defining moment for the UN and the entirety of the early Cold War, widening the already monumental gulf between the east and west, capitalist and communist. This supplement for Bolt Action expands the rules-set from its World War II roots to this new, and truly modern, conflict. Bolt A...[Read More]

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The Free PC Steam Games Tier List

Published in: youtube > undercoverdudes > Free Games | Published on 19/Aug/2019 20:54

My tier list of the best Free Steam Games 2018 and 2019, the best Free to Play Steam Games for the PC. This list will go over the top free to play Steam games ...

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Educational Game Design Fundamentals A journey to creating intrinsically motivating learning experiences

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Educational Games | Published on 26/Feb/2019 05:38

306 pages , CRC Press , 2018-07-11
Can we learn through play? Can we really play while learning? Of course! But how?! We all learn and educate others in our own unique ways. Successful educational games adapt to the particular learning needs of their players and facilitate the learning objectives of their designers. Educational Game Design Fundamentals embarks on a journ...[Read More]

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