Locally Played Real-World Games for Stronger Places and Communities

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > Play Games | Published on 06/Sep/2020 23:49

288 pages , MIT Press , 2020-04-07
How games can make a real-world difference in communities when city leaders tap into the power of play for local impact. In 2016, city officials were surprised when Pokémon GO brought millions of players out into the public space, blending digital participation with the physical. Yet for local control and empowerment, a new framework i...[Read More]

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NBA Games Best Betting Picks & Predictions (August 1st)

Published in: youtube > SBR Sports Picks > Best Games | Published on 03/Aug/2020 10:15

Check out our daily NBA games picks and predictions at: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/picks/nba/ This is Jammin with Jay Money show and with the help of ...

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Evaluating Mobile-Based Educational Adventure Games for Language Learning

Published in: Google Books > Adventure games > Adventure Games | Published on 30/Mar/2020 19:48

57 pages , 2018
Despite there being many gamified apps, such as vocabulary trainers, on the market for language learning, there are not many that use communicative and task-based methods for instruction (e.g. adventure games). Well-designed games are intrinsically motivating to play even if they are long and challenging, and as Gee (2007) pointed out, facilitate learning. The Go...[Read More]

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Games for Language Learning

Published in: Google Books > Foreign Language Study > New Games | Published on 24/Sep/2019 01:24

193 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2006-02-13
A fully updated and revised edition of this classic book which contains enjoyable games to practise language at any stage of the learning process.

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Zombies Attack

Published in: youtube > Studio C > Zombie Attack | Published on 06/May/2019 11:13

Watch Studio C Mondays at 10pm ET/8pm MT on BYUtv. Watch full episodes of Studio C online here: http://byutv.org/studioc Like Studio C on Facebook: ...

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Top 10 | Zombie Games

Published in: youtube > Nick930 > Zombie Games | Published on 28/Jan/2019 21:22

These are the best games that feature zombies as the primary conflict.

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