Situated Language and Learning A Critique of Traditional Schooling

Published in: Google Books > Language Arts & Disciplines > Adventure Games | Published on 23/Jun/2020 01:27

130 pages , Psychology Press , 2004
This work brings an insightful and original perspective to issues of literate identities, language and power, situated cognition and the provision of meaningful learning opportunities. An important and challenging book that raises fundamental questions and demands to be read by all those committed to ensuring that curricula and pedagog...[Read More]

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Top 10 Racing Games For Low End PC or Laptop

Published in: youtube > Nib- Z > Racing Games | Published on 11/May/2020 12:31

Hey guys today i'm trying something different by making a top 10 list of racing games for a low end pc or laptop, also i'm sorry if the same song being played ...

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Sukoku Numbers Puzzle Games

Published in: Google Books > > Puzzle Games | Published on 06/Apr/2020 07:03

202 pages , 2020-02-04
Sudoku Numbers Puzzle Games is really interesting and will get you hooked, can't put the book down. figuring out missing numbers. Only 210 pages with solution use as your personal cheat sheet.

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Cognitive Effects of Multimedia Learning

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Educational Games | Published on 02/Mar/2020 10:02

440 pages , IGI Global , 2008-12-31
"This book identifies the role and function of multimedia in learning through a collection of research studies focusing on cognitive functionality"--Provided by publisher.

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Unmasking Sexual Con Games Helping Teens Avoid Emotional Grooming and Dating Violence

Published in: Google Books > Family & Relationships > Girl Games | Published on 26/Nov/2019 03:31

199 pages , Boys Town Press , 2003-01-01
Using tactics like flattery, jealousy, and intimidation, an emotional groomer can manipulate teens into a sexual relationship that can have devastating physical and emotional consequences. Unmasking Sexual Con Games is a proven curriculum you can use to teach young people how to distinguish between unhealthy and healthy relationsh...[Read More]

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The Art of Stone Skipping and Other Fun Old-Time Games Stoopball, Jacks, String Games, Coin Flipping, Line Baseball, Jump Rope, and More

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > Car Games | Published on 21/Oct/2019 20:16

192 pages , Charlesbridge Publishing , 2013-02-01
It’s an old-time playtime—nothing electronic, just games that have stood the test of time! They help children build skills like hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and simply learning how to be a good team player and work well with others. But most of all, they’re lots of fun. This collection of timeless games g...[Read More]

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[MiniForceX] Live Action - Nerf Game / Monster / Zombie / Nerf Gun

Published in: youtube > MiniforceTV > Action Games | Published on 30/Sep/2019 21:38

Defeat the monster and get the vaccine! #MiniForceX #Live_Action #SAMG_ANIMATION ?Click Here To Subscribe? [????KidsPangTV] ...

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EXTREME BIKE STUNTS 3D | Free Games Download | Kids Games To Play For Free | Bike Games Download

Published in: youtube > ENTERTAINING GAME CHANNEL > Games Download | Published on 04/Jun/2019 03:49

EXTREME BIKE STUNTS 3D | Free Games Download | Kids Games To Play For Free | Bike Games Download PLS SHARE ...

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