Modern Ideas in Chess

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200 pages , SCB Distributors , 2010-05-18
"Modern Ideas in Chess" is a series of 45 essays dealing with the evolution of the game, its leading players, their ideas and contributions to their respective periods. The chronology starts in the Romantic era of Anderssen and Morphy, continues through the Classical School of Steinitz, Tarrasch, Lasker, and runs to the dawn of t...[Read More]

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My Little Pony Puzzle Games For Kids

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My Little Pony Puzzle Games For Kids Subscribe To My Channel! OTHER PUZZLE VIDEOS Peppa Pig Play Games With Friend Puzzle ...

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The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Games

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150 pages , , 2012-02-01
Nearly 40 years after their invention and a decade after exploding onto the mainstream, video games still remain a mystery to many parents, including which titles are appropriate, and their potential side-effects on kids. Now the answers are at your fingertips. Offering unrivaled insight and practical, real-world strategies for making ga...[Read More]

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Nintendo Teases UNANNOUNCED New Switch Game for 2019.. What is It? OUR TOP 5 PICKS!

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Nintendo may have a surprise coming as they have said they have Big Unannounced New Switch Game coming to the Nintendo Switch in Fiscal 2019.

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