Lost in a Good Game Why We Play Video Games and What They Can Do for Us

Published in: Google Books > Video games > Online Games | Published on 13/Apr/2020 01:47

340 pages , Icon Books , 2020-02-06
An exploration of the psychological effects - the pleasures, benefits and disbenefits - of computer games, and a touching memoir of a dedicated gamer.

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Well Played 1.0 Video Games, Value and Meaning

Published in: Google Books > Video games > Multiplayer Games | Published on 03/Sep/2019 00:41

430 pages , Lulu.com , 2009-01-01
Video games can be "well played" in two senses. On the one hand, well played is to games as well read is to books. On the other hand, well played as in well done. This book is full of in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. 22 contributors (developers, sc...[Read More]

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Violent Video Games and Society

Published in: Google Books > Video games > Kids Safe Games | Published on 05/Aug/2019 16:35

224 pages , 2017-04
The video game industry is big business, and with the improvement of Virtual Reality technology, video games will only become more realistic and immersive. Fears abound that they drive their players to commit violent acts. While many people believe the games desensitize kids to violence, others argue that there has been no scientific connection between aggres...[Read More]

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The Rough Guide to Videogaming

Published in: Google Books > Video games > Online Games | Published on 24/Jun/2019 20:31

523 pages , Rough Guides , 2002
Videogamers will find all they need to know in this collection of reviews of the top 150 games. Includes a roundup of monthly magazines and e-zines and Web site contact information for all hardware manufacturers, game developers, and publishers mentioned in the guide. Screen shots.

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