Back in the Game One Gunman, Countless Heroes, and the Fight for My Life

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Shooting Games | Published on 31/Aug/2020 09:31

304 pages , Center Street , 2018-11-13
The "gripping and inspiring" true story (Washington Examiner) of how Congressman Steve Scalise survived a political mass shooting and returned to Congress with the help of his friends, family, and faith. On the morning of June 14, 2017, at a practice field for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, a man opened fire on the Republic...[Read More]

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Shooting a Tiger Big-Game Hunting and Conservation in Colonial India

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Shooting Games | Published on 10/Aug/2020 17:03

440 pages , Oxford University Press , 2018-10-18
The figure of the white hunter sahib proudly standing over the carcass of a tiger with a gun in hand is one of the most powerful and enduring images of the empire. This book examines the colonial politics that allowed British imperialists to indulge in such grand posturing as the rulers and protectors of indigenous populat...[Read More]

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Political Parties, Games and Redistribution

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Strategy Games | Published on 03/Aug/2020 01:49

255 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2001-01-08
An analysis of the impact of party politics on income redistribution policy in liberal democracies.

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Great Games, Local Rules The New Great Power Contest in Central Asia

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Free Games | Published on 13/Jul/2020 22:26

272 pages , Oxford University Press , 2012-07-23
The struggle between Russia and Great Britain over Central Asia in the nineteenth century was the original "great game." But in the past quarter century, a new "great game" has emerged, pitting America against a newly aggressive Russia and a resource-hungry China, all struggling for influence over the same region, now one ...[Read More]

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The Second Nuclear Age Strategy, Danger, and the New Power Politics

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Multiplayer Games | Published on 06/Jul/2020 10:29

320 pages , Macmillan , 2012-11-13
A leading international security strategist offers a compelling new way to "think about the unthinkable." The cold war ended more than two decades ago, and with its end came a reduction in the threat of nuclear weapons—a luxury that we can no longer indulge. It's not just the threat of Iran getting the bomb or North Korea doing someth...[Read More]

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Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal , Noam Chomsky, Robert Pollin & C.J. Polychroniou

Published in: itune > Public Administration,Books,Politics & Current Events,Political Science,Science & Nature > Fun Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 18:18

Climate change: watershed or endgame?

In this compelling new book, Noam Chomsky, the world's leading public intellectual, and Robert Pollin, a renowned progressive economist, map out the catastrophic consequences of unchecked climate change--and present a realistic blueprint for change: the Green New Deal.

Together, Chomsky and Pollin ...[Read More]

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Democracy in Chains The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 12:08

368 pages , Penguin , 2017-06-13
Winner of the Lillian Smith Book Award Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist for the National Book Award The Nation's "Most Valuable Book" “[A] vibrant intellectual history of the radical right.”—The Atlantic “This sixty-year campaign to make libertarianism mainstream and eventually take the government itself is at t...[Read More]

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The Third Industrial Revolution , Jeremy Rifkin

Published in: itune > Political Science,Books,Politics & Current Events,Business & Personal Finance,Finance > Fun Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 10:02

The Industrial Revolution, powered by oil and other fossil fuels, is spiraling into a dangerous endgame. The price of gas and food are climbing, unemployment remains high, the housing market has tanked, consumer and government debt is soaring, and the recovery is slowing. Facing the prospect of a second collapse of the global economy, humanity is desperate for a sus...[Read More]

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The New Great Game China and South and Central Asia in the Era of Reform

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 08:36

360 pages , Stanford University Press , 2016-03-23
China's rise has elicited envy, admiration, and fear among its neighbors. Although much has been written about this, previous coverage portrays events as determined almost entirely by Beijing. Such accounts minimize or ignore the other side of the equation: namely, what individuals, corporate actors, and governments in o...[Read More]

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American Dreams , Marco Rubio

Published in: itune > Political Science,Books,Politics & Current Events > Fun Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 01:26

In 1956, Marco Rubio's parents came to America as poor immigrants with grade-school educations. They found a land of opportunity where anyone could work hard, play by the rules, and build a better future for themselves and their children. His family proved the reality of the American Dream, where the children of maids and bartenders could become doctors, lawyers,...[Read More]

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Half the Sky Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Action Games | Published on 15/Jun/2020 15:43

294 pages , Knopf , 2009
A Pulitzer Prize-winning husband-and-wife team speaks out against the oppression of women in the developing world, sharing example stories about victims and survivors who are working to raise awareness, counter abuse, and campaign for women's rights.

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The Origins of Violence Approaches to the Study of Conflict

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Fighting Games | Published on 20/Apr/2020 22:03

620 pages , Transaction Publishers , 1994-12-31
In this fundamental analysis, Rapoport asks: Why do we have wars? Doesn't humanity always seem on the verge of self-annihilation? Is there something in human genetic structure that makes people want to kill each other? Perhaps this impulse is a matter of good versus evil, or just plain human nature. Rapoport moves beyond cl...[Read More]

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