Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book (Nintendo)

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > New Games | Published on 30/Jun/2020 04:05

64 pages , Random House Books for Young Readers , 2019-01-08
Make your mark as mayor, design your home, and style your characters in this Nintendo Animal Crossing full-color activity book--plus stickers! Something is always happening in the world of Animal Crossing! Build the perfect place to live, design your home, travel to see your friends, and get busy in your very o...[Read More]

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Dice Games Properly Explained

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > New Games | Published on 30/Jun/2020 01:16

226 pages , Blue Terrier Press , 2010
World-renowned game designer Reiner Knizia has written the absolute classic on dice games and strategies. Straightforward and easy-to-read, this little gem gives detailed instructions, comprehensive odds, and insightful strategies on nearly 150 dice games and variations-several of which appear only within these pages.

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Money - The New Rules of the Game

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 22:04

221 pages , Springer , 2017-10-25
This book advocates a holistic reform of the current monetary and financial system dealing with the issues of money creation, central banks, loans, stock markets, tax justice, pension security and the international monetary system - “Bretton Woods II”. Its innovative approach presents several alternatives for each cornerstone, in add...[Read More]

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End Game

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 20:01

432 pages , Grand Central Publishing , 2017-11-14
#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci returns with his most breathtaking thriller yet! Will Robie and Jessica Reel are two of the most lethal people alive. They're the ones the government calls in when the utmost secrecy is required to take out those who plot violence and mass destruction against the United ...[Read More]

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Gamestorming A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 19:22

290 pages , "O'Reilly Media, Inc." , 2010-07-14
Great things don't happen in a vacuum. But creating an environment for creative thinking and innovation can be a daunting challenge. How can you make it happen at your company? The answer may surprise you: gamestorming. This book includes more than 80 games to help you break down barriers, communicate better, and generate n...[Read More]

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Eyes of the Stone Thief

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 19:08

360 pages , Pelgrane Press , 2018-09
Can you kill the dungeon before it kills you?

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Sticker Puzzles in the Wild

Published in: Google Books > Games & Activities > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 18:20

52 pages , Publications International, Limited , 2019-06
Sticker Puzzles: In the Wild is a compelling activity to keep your child's brain engaged to create totally cool art. Similar to color or paint by number, this sticker activity book features designs that are divided into spaces, each with a letter, that corresponds to a sticker. Find the sticker, peel it, and place ...[Read More]

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Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist The A-List Kingpin and the Poker Ring that Brought Down Tinseltown

Published in: Google Books > True Crime > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 18:08

216 pages , Simon and Schuster , 2020-03-24
“Right out of the gate, the entire game was designed to empty the pockets of those rich, celeb-loving LA suckers.”—Houston Curtis Leonardo DiCaprio. Alex Rodriguez. Tobey Maguire. Ben Affleck. Matt Damon. John Cassavetes. What do these people have in common? Not just fame and fortune; all these men are also alumni of the ...[Read More]

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The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games

Published in: Google Books > Games > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 17:47

160 pages , Robinson , 2010-09-30
The 125 greatest chess games of all time, selected, analysed, re-evaluated and explained by a team of British experts and illustrated with over 1,000 chess diagrams. Join the authors in studying these games, the cream of two centuries of international chess, and develop your own chess-playing skills - whatever your current standard. Inst...[Read More]

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God in the Machine Video Games as Spiritual Pursuit

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 16:12

160 pages , Templeton Press , 2015-05-26
If he were alive today, what might Heidegger say about Halo, the popular video game franchise? What would Augustine think about Assassin’s Creed ? What could Maimonides teach us about Nintendo’s eponymous hero, Mario? While some critics might dismiss such inquiries outright, protesting that these great thinkers would never con...[Read More]

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Democracy in Chains The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 12:08

368 pages , Penguin , 2017-06-13
Winner of the Lillian Smith Book Award Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist for the National Book Award The Nation's "Most Valuable Book" “[A] vibrant intellectual history of the radical right.”—The Atlantic “This sixty-year campaign to make libertarianism mainstream and eventually take the government itself is at t...[Read More]

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Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > New Games | Published on 29/Jun/2020 10:46

16 pages , DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) , 2002-08
More than 60 full-color stickers of images from Disney films, sketches, and theme parks are included with this sticker book filled with Disney facts and lovable characters. Full-color illustrations. Consumable.

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