Serious Games Games that Educate, Train and Inform

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 14:58

287 pages , Course Technology , 2006
Provides information on how to take entertainment game development skills and adapt them to the design of serious games for education, training, and healing.

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Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 13:07

328 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2007-08-15
This book systematically presents the main solutions of cooperative games: the core, bargaining set, kernel, nucleolus, and the Shapley value of TU games as well as the core, the Shapley value, and the ordinal bargaining set of NTU games. The authors devote a separate chapter to each solution, wherein they study ...[Read More]

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Fame Games The Production of Celebrity in Australia

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 12:48

196 pages , Cambridge University Press , 2000-10-12
This revealing book, first published in 2000, outlines how the promotion industry has developed within the Australian media.

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Name Games Activities for Rhythmic Development

Published in: Google Books > Music > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 12:24

48 pages , Alfred Music Publishing , 1998
Includes a potpourri of games for all ages; opportunities for integrating the curriculum; a developmental process based on the Orff-Schulwerk.

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Contributions to the Theory of Games

Published in: Google Books > Mathematics > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 11:35

408 pages , Princeton University Press , 1953-03-21
These two new collections, numbers 28 and 29 respectively in the Annals of Mathematics Studies, continue the high standard set by the earlier Annals Studies 20 and 24 by bringing together important contributions to the theories of games and of nonlinear differential equations.

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Role-playing Games

Published in: Google Books > Computer games > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 11:14

144 pages , The Ilex Press Ltd , 2004
Reviewing the genre that most meticulously evokes a parallel life for the gamesplayer, this book looks at the conventions that underlie role-play games - the threat of evil, the archetypal playground of the 'sword-and-sorcery' setting, and so on.

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Conflict, Power, and Games The Experimental Study of Interpersonal Relations

Published in: Google Books > Psychology > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 06:15

280 pages , Transaction Publishers , 2011-12-31
The technological revolution in the social sciences made available a set of research tools and data manipulation techniques that permit the study of complex social processes previously inaccessible or not amenable to our observational powers. One important set of tools took the generic title "experimental games," which were...[Read More]

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Native American Games and Stories

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 05:22

82 pages , Fulcrum Publishing , 2000
A collection of Native American games and stories combines play with learning, and offers insight into tribal beliefs and way of life.

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ID Rather Be Playing Video Games Video Games Happy Gift / Game Journal TV Video Games Xbox Ps4 Book / Notebook / Diary / Unique Greeting & Birthday Card Alternative

Published in: Google Books > > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 04:05

112 pages , 2020-01-15
video game book / Game Journal / Diary /A Journal for video game lovers / greeting card idea as a present! This journal is 6 x 9 inches in size with 110 blank lined pages for writing down thoughts, notes, ideas, or even sketching.

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Frame Games

Published in: Google Books > Education > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 03:56

102 pages , Educational Technology , 1980

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The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects Research in Games, Graphs, Counting, and Complexity

Published in: Google Books > Mathematics > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 03:51

408 pages , Princeton University Press , 2017-09-05
The history of mathematics is filled with major breakthroughs resulting from solutions to recreational problems. Problems of interest to gamblers led to the modern theory of probability, for example, and surreal numbers were inspired by the game of Go. Yet even with such groundbreaking findings and a wealth of popular-l...[Read More]

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Game Theory Topics Incomplete Information, Repeated Games and N-Player Games

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > Games | Published on 12/Apr/2021 02:47

79 pages , SAGE Publications, Incorporated , 1998-05-26
Game theory, particularly the use of repeated games, N-person games, and incomplete information games have been popular research techniques in political science, sociology and management, but difficult for new social researchers to use until now. This book aims makes these topics accessible to all social scientists....[Read More]

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