Stewards of Eden , Sandra L. Richter

Published in: itune > Bible Studies,Books,Religion & Spirituality,Science & Nature,Ecology,Nonfiction,Social Science,Environment > Puzzle Games | Published on 20/Aug/2019 03:08

Sandra L. Richter cares about the Bible. She also cares about creation.

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The Blue Sapphire of the Mind , Douglas E. Christie

Published in: itune > Bible Studies,Books,Religion & Spirituality,Christianity,Science & Nature,Nature > Strategy Games | Published on 04/Mar/2019 20:56

"There are no unsacred places," the poet Wendell Berry has written. "There are only sacred places and desecrated places." What might it mean to behold the world with such depth and feeling that it is no longer possible to imagine it as something separate from ourselves, or to live without regard for its well-being? To understand the work of seeing things as an utte...[Read More]

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