Music for Early Learning Songs and Musical Activities to Support Children's Development

Published in: Google Books > Children's songs > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 16:46

99 pages , Routledge , 2012
Is my singing good enough? What should I do with instruments? How can I create a rich and exciting musical environment which will allow for both child and adult led musical activity? Singing, dancing and music-making comes naturally to young children, but we as adults often lack confidence in our musical ability. This easily accessible book wi...[Read More]

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Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 16:24

44 pages , Baby Professor , 2017-02-15
What is a better way to learn a new language than by playing games? This Spanish Book is all about injecting new Spanish words and phrases to your beloved kids through a series of games. The difficult word is not allowed here. Your kids are going to love this book as much as they will love Spanish by the end of the session. Get your...[Read More]

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Digital Games and Learning

Published in: Google Books > Education > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 16:21

282 pages , A&C Black , 2011-03-31
The popularity of entertainment gaming over the last decades has led to the use of games for non-entertainment purposes in areas such as training and business support. The emergence of the serious games movement has capitalized on this interest in leisure gaming, with an increase in leisure game approaches in schools, colleges, universi...[Read More]

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Motivated Reinforcement Learning Curious Characters for Multiuser Games

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 15:55

206 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2009-06-12
Motivated learning is an emerging research field in artificial intelligence and cognitive modelling. Computational models of motivation extend reinforcement learning to adaptive, multitask learning in complex, dynamic environments – the goal being to understand how machines can develop new skills and achieve go...[Read More]

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Breaking the Biker

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > Zombie Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 13:44

326 pages , 2019-10-09
Tank, the newly appointed President of the Gold Vipers, has one mission - to find the woman responsible for murdering a club member in cold blood. Female or not, he's out for vengeance and will stop at nothing to get his hands on the killer. After Raina's two-year-old son is killed during a club war, she takes her revenge on the man she believes is respons...[Read More]

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The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math 24 Death-Defying Challenges for Young Mathematicians

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 13:35

240 pages , Workman Publishing , 2017-03-28
Math rocks! At least it does in the gifted hands of Sean Connolly, who blends middle school math with fantasy to create an exciting adventure in problem-solving. These word problems are perilous, do-or-die scenarios of blood-sucking vampires (How many months would it take a single vampire to completely take over a town of 500,0...[Read More]

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The Learning Game Arguments for an Education Revolution

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 12:57

315 pages , Victor Gollancz , 1997
In The Learning Game, Michael Barber, one of Britain's leading educationalists and adviser to the Labour Party on educational matters, describes and explains the crisis in the country's education system, and proposes some radical solutions.

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Published in: Google Books > Fiction > Zombie Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 12:35

304 pages , Text Publishing , 2018-09-03
Candace Chen, a millennial drone self-sequestered in a Manhattan office tower, is devoted to routine: her work, watching movies with her boyfriend, avoiding thoughts of her recently deceased Chinese immigrant parents. So she barely notices when a plague of biblical proportions sweeps the world. Candace joins a small group of survi...[Read More]

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Back to Scare School

Published in: Google Books > Diaries > Zombie Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 12:34

160 pages , Koala Books , 2017-01-07
Zombie finally made it through 7th grade...And he even made it through one really crazy summer! But will Zombie be able to survive through the first weeks of being an 8th grader in Mob Scare School?

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New York for Kids Travel Book - Activity Book, Pocket Guide and Travel Journal A Travel Diary with Fun Facts and Activities for Drawing, Playing and Learning

Published in: Google Books > > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 11:39

40 pages , 2020-02-20
Are you planning a family trip to New York and wondering how to involve kids? Yes, it's possible! This city is plenty of attractions and amazing places to visit with children and this book is a way to visit New York with kids having fun all together! With this "Fun Travel Book New York for kids", children will be part of the trip, learning fascinating facts...[Read More]

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Playful Teaching, Learning Games New Tool for Digital Classrooms

Published in: Google Books > Education > Educational Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 11:20

133 pages , Sense Publishers , 2011
Educators around the world acknowledge the fact that we live in the knowledge society and ability to think systematically is one of the necessary skills in order to function effectively in the 21st century. In the past two decades, popular culture introduced digital games as part of leisure activities for children and adults. Today pla...[Read More]

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"The Good War" An Oral History of World War II

Published in: Google Books > History > Zombie Games | Published on 13/Sep/2021 10:45

608 pages , New Press/ORIM , 2011-07-26
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize: “The richest and most powerful single document of the American experience in World War II” (The Boston Globe). “The Good War” is a testament not only to the experience of war but to the extraordinary skill of Studs Terkel as an interviewer and oral historian. From a pipe fitter’s apprentice a...[Read More]

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