THE SYMPHONY OF HIGH DIMENSIONAL WISDOMS ????????????? | English Audio Book by Volunteers , International Holographic Ecology

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How to Thrive in the Digital Age: The School of Life

Published in: Google Books > Philosophy > Kids Safe Games | Published on 10/May/2021 15:26

160 pages , Pan , 2012-06-01
Over the last decade, through digital media, we have crossed a number of significant thresholds: the interconnection of over half of the world’s adult population through mobile telephony and the internet and the devotion of more than half the waking hours of a western generation to mediated experience. Yet little mainstream thought has been...[Read More]

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Bernard Lonergan An Introductory Guide to Insight

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130 pages , Paulist Press , 2003
"Bernard Lonergan's insight, one of the great philosophical works of the twentieth century, is a challenging book for any reader. Bernard Lonergan: An Introductory Guide to Insight provides readers with a first reading guide, emphasizing what is truly essential and central to Lonergan's work. It allows readers to make their way through a ...[Read More]

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The Aesthetics of Communication Pragmatics and Beyond

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174 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2012-12-06
AESTHETICIZING PRAGMATICS The Gamut of Pragmatics Pragmatics emerged among the sciences of language at the end of the 1960's in reaction to certain totalizing models in linguistics: structuralism (primarily in Europe) and generative grammar (initially in the United States). Certain disciples of Chomsky became dis...[Read More]

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Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was first published in three serialized excerpts in the New Yorker in June of 1962. The book appeared in September of that year and the outcry that followed its publication forced the banning of DDT and spurred revolutionary changes in the laws affecting our air, land, and water. Carson's passionate concern for the future of our planet ...[Read More]

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All Art Is Ecological , Timothy Morton

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In twenty short books, Penguin Classics brings you the ideas that have changed the way we think and talk about the living Earth.

Over the past 75 years, a new canon has emerged. As life on Earth has become irrevocably altered by humans, visionary thinkers around the world have raised their voices to defend the planet, and affirm our place at the h...[Read More]

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The Grasshopper Games, Life and Utopia

Published in: Google Books > Philosophy > Racing Games | Published on 21/Mar/2021 23:21

179 pages , Broadview Press , 2005-11-09
In the mid twentieth century the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein famously asserted that games are indefinable; there are no common threads that link them all. "Nonsense," says the sensible Bernard Suits: "playing a game is a voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles." The short book Suits wrote demonstrating precisely th...[Read More]

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Animal Rights Moral Theory and Practice

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240 pages , Palgrave Macmillan , 2009-09-15
In this 2nd edition, the author has substantially revised his book throughout, updating the moral arguments and adding a chapter on animal minds. Importantly, rather than being a polemic on animal rights, this book is also a considered and imaginative evaluation of moral theory as explored through the issue of animal rights.

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Microfoundations, Method, and Causation On the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

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272 pages , Transaction Pub , 1998
This text focuses on the theory of popular politics constructed within the context of analytical Marxism, and asks if rational choice theory provides an adequate basis for explaining patterns of social, political and economic behaviour in traditional China.

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Games, Sports, and Play Philosophical Essays

Published in: Google Books > Philosophy > Play Games | Published on 07/Mar/2021 15:32

256 pages , Oxford University Press , 2019-08-29
This volume presents new philosophical essays on a topic that's been neglected in most recent philosophy: games, sports, and play. Some contributions address conceptual questions about what games and sports have in common and that distinguishes them from other activities; here many take their start from Bernard Suits's cel...[Read More]

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The Life You Can Save Acting Now to End World Poverty

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224 pages , Random House , 2009-03-03
For the first time in history, eradicating world poverty is within our reach. Yet around the world, a billion people struggle to live each day on less than many of us pay for bottled water. In The Life You Can Save, Peter Singer uses ethical arguments, illuminating examples, and case studies of charitable giving to show that our curr...[Read More]

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The Compassionate Hunter's Guidebook , Miles Olson

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A comprehensive, practical guide for the ethical, compassionate hunter

Wild meat, hunted in a responsible way, is one of the most healthful, sustainable foods possible. Depending on how it is done, hunting can be as local, intimate and humane as it gets. And aside from this, it demands the hunter enter a world of awareness, wildness, life and death that...[Read More]

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