The Pocket Book of Frame Games Hundreds of Mind-Bending Word Puzzles from the King of Brain Teasers!

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208 pages , Fair Winds Press , 2006-04-06
Frame games, as seen in USA WEEKEND magazine and read by more than 48,000,000 people in 600 newspapers weekly, are an extremely popular and amusing form of word puzzle that represent a famous phrase, song, person, place, or movie. By looking at the way the letters are formed and where they are placed in relation to the other letters, you can piece together a solution. These artfully constructed brainteasers are a favorite among teachers, travelers, and puzzle-lovers alike. Terry Stickels has authored eleven similar collections in the past, and has had bestsellers with Scholastic (over 70,000 sold), Pomegranate, and St. Martin's Press.

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