Video Game Play and Addiction A Guide for Parents

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168 pages , 2008
Video games are a powerful and growing force in our society, and children are spending more and more time planted in front of the television or computer. But as parents, you may be worried about how they affect your children. When does play become problematic? How does video gaming fit into the general community?Containing a wealth of information, this valuable primer answers these and other questions related to video games. Kourosh Dini, MD, a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist and gamer, has researched video gaming and presents a balanced and intelligent discussion on its advantages and disadvantages from a psychological standpoint. This primer will help parents to: Gain an understanding of the allure of video games See how video games can provide positive growth Learn what to consider in assessing for addiction or problematic play Understand the draw of community and social networking within game worlds Consider the future of society and video games Targeted to parents who want to know what's safe and what isn't for their children, Video Game Play and Addiction contains the information you need to help you navigate the twenty-first-century world of video games.

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