Best-Ever Games for Youth Ministry

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143 pages , Group Pub Incorporated , 2005-01
Field-tested fun! The Game Guy is geared up and ready to give you over 200 great games that are easy to pull off and field-tested with teens in many settings. You will find: "Gaming Tips" on: - getting kids to participate, - lead games for special needs, - change competitive games into cooperative games, - save games gone bad, and more! Symbols showing: - energy levels (Energy Saver to Zoomer), - space needed, - games played in pairs, and - crowd-pleasers that work well for 50 or more players. Classic games with new twists. Games for playing indoors and outdoors. Games that teach. Games that build community in your group! Supply lists. Tips and bonus ideas. Notes on group sizes. Indexes listing games by: - game activity (running, posing, storytelling, singing, writing, etc.) - game object (balls, balloons, beans, etc.) - game formation. Plus, this legendary games expert exposes some of the worst games ever played, and shares his philosophy of fun in youth ministry. You'll be equipped to lead youth with the best collection of games--ever!

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