The Best Season - The First Ninety Games Honoring Black Ball Through Baseball Board Game Simulation

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272 pages , Dog Ear Publishing , 2012-06
How would twenty-one stars of the black ball era (Negro Leagues and independent black teams) like to be honored? I believe they would like to be honored in action on the playing field. There are a significant number of great historical books published on the Negro League and its players. However, most of the evidence of their exploits on the field is anecdotal. Their play against the whiteball players in the Major Leagues is against post-season barnstorming teams not in-season battles for first place! These twenty-one BB Stars(team name in book) deserve the opportunity to play the great Major League teams/players in organized competition. Bob May has been a passionate baseball fan all his life. He has 55years of experience in playing the best baseball board game simulations. He believes that sophisticated baseball board game simulations are an excellent way to measure performance across eras without losing the play-by-play experience of being at the park and making each managerial decision. In 1987, Bob purchased a Pursue the Pennant baseball board game.He was so pleased with the "on the field" realism (player's statistics reflecting ball park factors) within two years he became an invested partner in the company. He became President. In 1993, he led his management team in the creation of the player card set with 416great players from the 1880s to the 1980s, including twenty-one players from the Black Ball Era (segregated Negro Leagues). Eighteen years later (2010) his research (which led to this book) began.

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