Deadly Dirty Online Games

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196 pages , Createspace Independent Publishing Platform , 2016-11-29
Confident business woman, Lou, recently dumped and fed up with feeling self-loathing and pity decides to take her friends advice and join a dating site. This uncharacteristic choice of Lou's opens the door to a myriad of sexual opportunities, an instant relief from the persistent void of emptiness she's had to endure but it also brings with it a darkness no one could have predicted. Lou finds herself kidnapped and in a situation of manipulation soaked in confusion. Every day brings a new development, every day a new obstacle. Lou finds a way to conform and please her capture as she continually searches for ways to escape. Being held in a house where no one visits, or no one knows exists leaves her relentlessly believing she has no hope. Lou thinks she has it bad in the house. She has no idea that the worst is yet to come. Lou's escape becomes a reality, freedom calls directly to her as she dashes through the woodland but freedom introduces Lou to another man, her real abductor. The mastermind behind her abduction and continued imprisonment, and while he drags her to the trunk of his car she realizes there are two psychopaths and that she had been living with the saner version, now although use to psychological pain, physical pain would become a reality, a feeling she never knew existed before then. The journey is about survival; it's about how much the human mind can cope with. Can Lou ever escape back to the woman she use to be? Or will she remain a captive forever?

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