Creative Doodle Games for Trainers, Coaches, Facilitators - Fun Games for Serious Business

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112 pages , Author House , 2013-12
Humor and innovative engagement can bring new life, commitment and energy to groups that are losing their steam. We all remember childhood fun in creating visual representations of thoughts and ideas, as children we were all experts at this way of "seeing" the world and things around us. As we grow older we are trained to see things more verbally and, as a result, our vision of situations has become more narrow. Words are limited after all, but by engaging your group in more visual activities through directed (and non-directed) doodling, a whole new perspective can be gained. The doodlevision games and exercises put fun, creativity and humor into business situations and creates an environment where possibilities that may have previously been unrecognized or unanticipated to come to light.

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