A Football Wife's Research Study for the Love of the Games

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144 pages , Xlibris Corporation , 2013-01
Sandra Merriweather at the age of nine years old had an obvious passion for writing gospel poetry and songs with an additional desire to write jingles for commercials. She was blessed with many different talents and was very successful in school, college and graduate school. She is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother to one beautiful granddaughter, however, her marriage to Michael Merriweather, former linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, Jets and Packers took her down a path of unbelievable adventures across the country and across the nation. Unknowingly and surprisingly did she realize that she would be a mentor, advocate and educator for many people throughout her career as a medical professional and Registered Nurse. Her journey has been fascinating and exciting even through adversity and obstacles but her strength and desire to make a positive contribution to society has been great! She reflects often on the words of her beautiful belated mother, Evangelist Irene Williams, Hang in There! Sandra also remembers the teachings and principles of her father, Pastor E.G. Williams and the constant faith and dedication exhibited by him. Within this research design book, it was Sandra's goal to try and reach out to as many persons possible involved in the care of the young athlete in a timely matter to support safety and education. This study was designed to look at the areas of concussions and head injuries from a different angle and to shed light in the areas of needed improvement because everyone should remain current with up-to-date facts; education is the key to success and prevention. It was also a goal of Mrs. Merriweather to dedicate this unique project to our former and present athletes for sports fans to remember their dedication, contributions, and support to our children as we say, Thank You! A FOOTBALL WIFE'S RESEARCH STUDY FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAMES

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