Zombie Maelstrom

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300 pages , Bryan Cassiday , 2011-12-13
Virulent pockets of plague, first reported in China, break out worldwide and spread with mind-boggling speed. CIA black ops agent Chad Halverson flies to Los Angeles to visit his brother after receiving a call that his brother has been hospitalized after a car accident. Halverson's Boeing 737 crash-lands in an eerie Los Angeles shrouded with an impenetrable haze of smog. But that is only the tip of the iceberg of Halverson's nightmare. Lurking in this miasma are legions of plague-infected living dead who are driven by an all-consuming lust for human flesh. Halverson and a few of his fellow passengers manage to escape the airport and end up in Zone Z, an area ruled by Painter, who runs it like it's the Roman Empire, replete with the crucifixions of zombies and a coliseum where zombies are tortured to the delight of the spectators. Is this the beginning of a brave new world?

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