Urban Ecology , Richard T. T. Forman

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How does nature work in our human-created city, suburb, and exurb/peri-urb? Indeed how is ecology - its urban water, soil, air, plant, and animal foundations - spatially entwined with this great human enterprise? And how can we improve urban areas for both nature and people? Urban Ecology explores the entire urban area: from streets, walls, and lawns to riversides, sewer systems, and industrial sites. The book presents models, patterns, data, and examples from a breadth of cities worldwide. Numerous illustrations enrich the presentation. Cities are analysed, not as ecologically bad or good, but as places with concentrated rather than dispersed people. Spatial patterns and flows linking organisms, built structures, and the physical environment highlight a treasure chest of useful principles. This pioneering interdisciplinary book opens up frontiers of insight, as a valuable source and text for undergraduates, graduates, researchers, professionals and others with a thirst for solutions to growing urban problems.

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