An invitation to Mathematical Ecology through Interactive Numerical Experiments , Jean-Ren? Chazottes & Marc Monticelli

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*** Interactive Numerical Experiments Inside ***

Summary :
The purpose of this booklet is to introduce some basic models in ecology based on differential equations. We assume little mathematical background. Readers need to know what the derivative of a function is. 

About collection :
This augmented booklet is the second one within a collection titled Experimentarium Digitale and dedicated to mathematical modeling (in physics, biology, etc). 
A unique feature of these booklets is the interactive numerical experiments they contain and which allow the reader to play with the presented models.

Interactive Numerical Experiments of this booklet : 
o Lotka-Volterra prey-predator model.
o Lotka-Volterra prey-predator model with competition among preys.
o Vector field and associated solutions.
o Rosenzweig-MacArthur model.
o Competion model.
o Logistic growth equation.

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