New York for Kids Travel Book - Activity Book, Pocket Guide and Travel Journal A Travel Diary with Fun Facts and Activities for Drawing, Playing and Learning

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40 pages , 2020-02-20
Are you planning a family trip to New York and wondering how to involve kids? Yes, it's possible! This city is plenty of attractions and amazing places to visit with children and this book is a way to visit New York with kids having fun all together! With this "Fun Travel Book New York for kids", children will be part of the trip, learning fascinating facts, having fun and enjoying moments in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. What "New York for Kids Travel Book" is: This travel book for kids is not a complete guidebook of New York, but contains relevant info and fun facts to discover the city and overall contains a lot of educational games, quizzes, pages to color and things to do during boring moments. A sort of pocket New York guide book for kids with all what your children need to get familiar with the city and love it: * Pictures dedicated to New York; * Photos of the most famous monuments; * Information and fun facts about New York for children; * Pages customizable with photos, stickers, drawings; * Travel notebook for children to write travel memories; * Illustrated map of the city; * All different colored pages; * Activities, educational games and entertainments; * Space to draw and color; How to use this Kids Travel Book of New York: Through this kids' activity book your children will: * Discover the most relevant places and attractions of New York; * Know about some important citizens of New York; * Discover traditional dishes and specialties of New York. Meanwhile children can play and get fun with educational games as: coloring page, word search, cross math, geometric drawing, mazes, challenging tasks and cut&play characters. Everything is dedicated to get kids involved in the trip and not get boring, learning new things about New York. The book is also a Travel Diary of New York for kids that can become a souvenir for the whole family, with space to write and collect memories all together. An educational activity book and a small travel guide of New York for little travelers to enjoy a big family adventure! When to use the this Kids' New York Travel Book: Before the trip, to get familiar with New York, during the flight, at the restaurant, waiting for something... Wherever you want, instead of a laptop and other media devices! About "Fun Travel Books Kids": "Fun Travel Books Kids" are illustrated travel books created for parents who want to travel around the world with their children. They are small and colored, plenty of ideas and activities to avoid boring moments during a holiday with simple info and tips suitable for kids. Perfect to be used instead of media devices, to learn and play together! From 5 to 9 years old

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