Brain Games # 6

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192 pages , 2008-08-18
The human brain may be the most complex structure on the planet, but it still adheres to a basic principle: When you don t use it, you can lose it. Brain Games #6 is jam-packed with fun puzzles to keep your brain in tip-top condition. A team of puzzlers has crafted a variety of challenges tailored to exercise different parts of your brain. Brain Games #6 will help you: Develop your logical thinking with Sudoku and story problems Cultivate your vocabulary and language skills with crosswords and word puzzles Improve your spatial reasoning by navigating tricky mazes Neuroscientists have demonstrated that the key to staying sharp as you age is regularly exercising your brain with a variety of challenges. Fortunately, giving your brain a good workout can be a lot less grueling than hitting the gym. Brain Games #6 is organized so that the level of difficulty increases as you go, and personal assessment tests help you gauge your progress. Self-improvement has never been so much fun.

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