The Orange Mama Laid

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162 pages , Kirsten Denney , 2007-07
The Orange Mama Laid" is a straightforward guide to the games that have kept generations of kids outdoors until the dinner bell rang and again until bedtime, and to the games that have kept them occupied on long winter days and car rides. With this book as a refresher, you'll be able to lure the kids away from their TV's and computers, break the ice with the newest ones and/or keep the kids active and entertained in any situation that allows for a little fun. Activities include the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "This Little Piggy"; a variety of ways to decide who's It; the rules to "Capture the Flag," "SPUD," "SPIT," "Crazy Eights" and "Paper Football"; and the answers to all your favorite riddles and knock-knock jokes.

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