Brain Puzzle Book for Adults Oases Puzzles

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116 pages , Independently Published , 2018-12-22
Oases is a logic puzzle. A rectangular or square grid contains circles with numbers in some cells. The goal is to blacken some cells (leaving the other cells white) so that the unshaded cells must be connected horizontally or vertically. Blackened cells should not share an edge. Cells with circles cannot be blackened. Unshaded cells must not cover an area of size 2 x 2. Each circled number represents the number of other circles that can be reached from that circle by only going through empty (unshaded and uncircled) cells. (A circle that can be reached by more than one path still only counts as one circle for counting purposes.) ============ KEYWORDS/TAGS: block puzzle adult - adult puzzle blocks - block puzzle brain teaser - block puzzle game - puzzle games - puzzle game books - puzzle game adult - puzzle game teen - brain games - brain games for adults - brain game books - brain game books for adults - brain game puzzle books for adults - brain game adult - brain game game - brain game of the day - brain game puzzles

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