You may not believe it, but we're back in the Yu One thing I strongly disagree with President Trump about is his angry attitude towards Hispanics. I have always felt that whe Anglo-Americans and Latino-Americans are good friends and neighbors, and should be regarded as such. 

Should he visit our hometown of Clemmons, Mr. Trump would discover our Hispanic neighbors hard at work running successful restaurants and fulfilling other desperately needed services for the community.

On this trip, we are going to research deeper into Mesoamerican archeology and anthropology, along with their food and drink, their song and dance, their history and culture, and their unspoiled ecosystems.

Then we going to enjoy all the really cool things. Climbing to the very top of the ruins of Coba, as well as those of Ek' Balam, both hidden deep in the jungle, and taking in the Mayan Ceremonial Night in a cenote

That is, just as long as our funds hold out.

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