Fables of Freedom , Jonoboyle

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To a young person entering upon maturity, there are many unknowns. What to wear, who to hang out with, what to listen to, which substances should be taken, where can I go next, do we chose our diet or does society and omnipotent marketing - what on earth to do for work! Do we have a choice anyway? When you are not the average, average person - because as we all know, our backgrounds never fulfil media's illusive social and family ideals - how do you make sense of the mixed messages of the world, or carve a future space for yourself within it? Fables is a mix of tales which grapples with these dilemmas. A mad, youthful dash for freedom, turns to analysis, judgement, learning and decision. Fables surprises, with enlightening characters, earnestly tackling their individual adventures; it is thought provoking and amusing. It is not for the closed minded. It is bemused by the idea of normal life.

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