Redoing Recess..... Great Games to Get Kids Moving

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40 pages , Xulon Press , 2012-05-01
Dr. Brenda J. G. Scruggs is a retired educator of 36 years. She has worked as a teacher, lead teacher, assistant principal, elementary coordinator, program director, elementary principal, and educational consultant. She received her Master's Degree from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, and her Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. "This book started as a Recess Activity Manual that was written as part of a project for one of my classes during the time I was in school. Having worked with children, I know all too well that if children don't have something to do, they will come up with something to do, and sometimes the things they do can lead to trouble. As an elementary school principal, I witnessed many recess or free play periods that ended up in children fighting or getting hurt in some way. It is my hope that this book will do two things for children: (1) get them moving, and (2) keep them out of trouble. "I wholeheartedly agree with our First Lady Michelle Obama on the matter of children getting active. They need to get up and move, exercise, and eat right. Something as simple as walking around the school is good exercise, not only for the children but for the teachers too. "As I wrote in the introduction, we all want our schools to promote the physical, intellectual, personal, and social well being of every child, and in promoting the physical this book will Redo Recess....and provide Great Games To Get Kids Moving, as well as help children to know what to do with themselves when they have recess or free play. Let's get kids moving."

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