101 Great Games for Kids Active, Bible-Based Fun for Christian Education

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Abingdon Press , 2011-07-01
Children learn best when they hear the rich stories from Scripture over and over again. Just sitting and listening, however, can become boring. This volume, a collection of 101 active games for Christian education programs suitable for children ages 3–12, will help dispel any boredom. Divided into four sections, 101 Great Games for Kids brings Scripture to life through active games that get kids up and moving rather than sitting in their chairs. This is a book that mainline professionals and lay leaders can turn to for a quick idea or when they are creating lesson plans. Each of the 101 games are presented in ways that adults can use immediately. Key Benefits: Children are enabled to learn the rich stories from Scripture through fun and active games; Christian educators will find a wealth of new, flexible ideas that will easily fit their educational programs and Sunday school lessons

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