Games Customers Play What they don’t tell you about buyer-seller relationships

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224 pages , Penguin Random House India Private Limited , 2018-06-15
Are you coming across clients who no longer believe in win-win deals? Do you think customers are negotiating even harder? Do you have a feeling that you are playing a different game now? Business has been an endless series of games played by buyers and sellers-with one difference. Both sides could win at the same time. But somewhere along the way, many customers have changed the rules of these games in their favour. As a seller, when do you give in and when do you hold back? When do you walk away? Do you search for other markets? Or do you grin and bear it in the hope of better times? In Games Customers Play, Ramesh Dorairaj shows you how to spot such games and change the rules to your advantage. So that it doesn't matter what the deal is, you will always win!

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