The Complete Book about Dodgeball

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108 pages , Author House , 2005-10-01
If you picked up this book then you are one of two types of people. You are either a fan of dodgeball and are curious to learn more or you hate dodgeball and can not believe that anyone would actually write a book about it. Which ever type you are you will find useful information in the rest of the book to support your position. I am a Physical Education and Health teacher in Columbus, Ohio. I have been teaching for 14 years, and have taught all age groups from kindergarten to seniors. I received my Bachelor's Degree from Capital University and currently I am working on receiving a Master's Degree from Ashland University in Sport and Exercise Sciences. I have played dodgeball with all age groups and have had nothing but success. I am a firm believer that any game-properly structured-can be a positive experience for the students, parents and teacher. Bottom line on dodgeball is that kids will play the game with more enthusiasm than any other organized game. As a professional educator, I am will to do whatever it takes to get children moving for fun and fitness benefits. If dodgeball did not work I would not use it. As you read this book you will find some history and theory related to dodgeball theory and a whole lot of different games. I will state up front that what is written in this book is nothing more than my opinion (shared by my fellow teaching partners) and should be viewed as such. I tried to set the book up so that it would an easy format to follow and humorous to read. I hope that you find the book enjoyable and useful in your pursuit to find games and activities that kids will actively participate in. If you are an anti-dodgeball person you will still find plenty of goodfuel for your fire within this book. Then again I might just make you a believer.

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